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Setting the right foundation is crucial for any construction project. Newry Construction, LLC, specializes in excavation that prepares your land for enduring success. Our services cover everything from soil and rock removal to trench digging, wells, and tunnels.

The Most Reliable Excavation Services in Austin, MN, and the Surrounding Areas

When it comes to excavation services in Austin, MN, look no further than Newry Construction, LLC. With 28 years of industry experience, we know the ins and outs of excavation construction. Our team of skilled excavation professionals is equipped for all types of projects, whether it involves soil removal, rocks removal, or setting up foundations for buildings. Our comprehensive services are designed to handle both residential and commercial projects, ensuring you can carry on with the rest of the construction without any hiccups.


Why Expert Excavation Matters?

The foundation of any construction project determines its longevity and safety. Inferior excavation work can result in unstable foundations, leading to costly repairs or even catastrophic failure. Our approach combines skilled labor with advanced machinery, ensuring precise excavation and base prep work.

We guarantee 100% craftsmanship, enabling you to move forward with construction confidently. With us, you’re not just laying the groundwork; you’re setting the stage for a successful, long-lasting build.

Experience & Specialization Matter

Newry Construction, LLC, in Austin, MN, is not your average excavation company. Our decades of expertise have enabled us to specialize in all facets of the excavation process, from excavation construction to advanced rocks and soil removal techniques. With a commitment to punctuality and stellar customer service, we ensure that your project is not just completed, but mastered. Financing available!

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